Once again, I have returned to the forests of my imagination and written a poem that I thought could be shared. It is steeped heavily in theology that may be a challenge to a duel for some but I ardently believe what I write. This poem is of two forms, an rhyming scheme (ABABCDCDEE) and an acrostic which bears the name TULIP. I hope you enjoy it and find it has truth. For those who do not know, TULIP is the familiar acrostic for the doctrine of Calvinism, which I would argue is truth.

O flow’r of true Christianity,

Doctrines maintained from Genesis to now.

But now challenged by humanity

Is the tulip of Geneva’s meadow.

A flow’r that Scriptures proclaim in veritas,

Augustine, Luther, Calvin and others defended

In writ and tongue against three weeds venomous.

Thrice condemned yet their roots could not be quelled.

The flow’r of soteriology was defined in five petals to dominate

The weed of Arminius noxiously quinquefoliate.

Totally depraved is man with no ability to save himself

Unconditionally did God elect man without ken of their future life

Limited to the elect was Christ’s Atonement and fully paid

Irresistible was God’s Grace which internally  called the elect.

Perseverance to the end marks those who truly believed- the elect.