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In chapter three, Calvin goes on to explain how the knowledge of God is naturally implanted in every man’s mind. After making this statement, he says that every man has this knowledge so that he is without excuse when he does not worship God. This leaves man in a pretty sticky spot. There is no nation without a knowledge of God, even the pagan barbarians of the jungles of South America or deserts of Africa worship some deity, even “atheists” worship something even if it is not God. Calvin remarks that idolatry is evidence of this fact;  that man is reluctant to lower himself below something yet when he worships something of wood and stone it is hard to rid him of his worship. Calvin refutes the argument that religion was devised by others as a way of keeping people subjected. Calvin acknowledges that men have added to Christianity in order to strike fear into the common people and this is indeed the truth. Calvin also points out that there are those who are so adamant in denying any deity yet are so frightened when his wrath his shown even in his creation. Calvin makes the wise and true statement that all men have a fear of God in their hearts; it is what they were made for. Finally, Calvin remarks that as men try to deny the existence or their belief in God that it will eat them up and they will become quite bestial.