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From the previous five chapters, we have gained insight of how the knowledge of God is found in the world around us. He also showed us that man is remarkably ignorant of this knowledge, despite it being right in front of his face. However, the knowledge found in the world is not sufficient to convince us or wake us from our sinful stupor. It is only through the Word of God that we can truly come to this knowledge. Within chapter six, Calvin describes our need of Scripture, as a guide and teacher, in coming to God as a Creator.

It is interesting to note that the Holy Scriptures have been, and continue to be, the best selling book of all time. With that in mind, it is important to grasp the fact that the Scriptures are not in vain, a fact which Calvin espouses very sincerely in this chapter. Calvin begins this chapter with a look at how God used the Holy Scriptures to captivate the mids and hearts of the people of Israel. It is only this Word that can bring a man to salvation since it is the divine breath of God. Calvin also refreshes the reader’s memory by declaring the order in which he will show how God uses the Scriptures to bring men unto himself; after he shows how the scriptures show God as a Creator.

God declared himself as a Creator by oracles and vision and through the ministry of the Patriarchs. He complemented this with the preaching of the Prophets. Calvin also states that God, being seen as a Creator in Scripture, is one who reigns. This is key to understand as man often wants to put his hand to the tiller to fufill his own desires; what he gets is a misguided course and a treacherous storm. The Scriptures declare God as supreme creator over everything in conjunction with God’s creation.  Next week, I will demonstrate how Calvin defends the authority of Scripture in chapter seven of his Institutes.