Mea Charta: My Writings

As a student of literature, I have read many different genres of literature from various time periods and cultures and since I began writing in 2005, these works have influenced my pen. Many of my professors have made various comments about it and have cautioned me to be more simple with my sentences but I can’t; I guess you write what you read. As of this semester, I have written a little over twenty poems, a short story, and half a novel. Two of my poems have appeared in the blog (A Calvinist Poem and The Massacre of Glencoe). I have included a list of the titles of my poems and works (except the novel) and all the listed works can be found on


  • Woe Is Me
  • A Calvinist Poem: TULIP
  • My Darling
  • The Word of God
  • O Lord of My Salvation
  • My Prayer for a Wife
  • My First Haiku
  • My Heart is in the Highlands (based on a song by Robert Burns)
  • Much Akin to a Rose is She and other bits of poetry
  • Mony a lass an’ lad I see
  • Mo Bhean is fairest above all
  • The Massacre of Glencoe
  • An Ode to Azaleas
  • For His Mercy is New Ev’ry Morn
  • A Beech
  • An Ode to a Southern Belle

Short Stories

  • The King of the Forest

Essays and other works

  • The Fellowship of the Ring: An Aristotelian Movie Review
  • Glynn County Poultry Extension Bulletin

Many more works will be added as they are written and revised. All these works can be accessed at I hope you enjoy them.


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